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What you need to know

What is hot yoga?

Hot yoga is simply yoga practiced in a heated environment. Heat infuses the muscles, allowing them to release & soften, as circulation increases. This stimulates the mind/body detoxification process to leave you feeling bliss ful and renewed.

Do you offer unheated classes?

Unheated classes will be added to our schedule based on demand. Please check the current schedules for dates and times. We offer yin yoga classes which will be warm (lightly heated). We also offer warm vinyasa class. If possible, try hot yoga with an open mind and heart. If you prefer unheated yoga, be sure to let us know! We will take note of your unheated class preferences and a vailability.

What should I wear?

Comfort is key. Lightweight, breathable materials such as moisture-wicking athletics or lightweight cottons are preferable. Short-sleeved shirts, shorts or yoga crops/pants are most comfortable when practicing in a heated room. For safety and comfort we recommend always practicing in bare feet.

Do I need to bring anything?

A yoga mat, water bottle and beach-sized towel for over your mat, as well as a smaller towel by your side. A towel on top of your mat will keep you from sliding when you begin to sweat! Mat and towel rentals are available to rent at the studio for $2 each. Filtered water is provided at no charge.
TIP Before class, avoid eating large meals 2 hours leading up to practice. A snack before class will help to keep energy levels up, such as a banana or some nuts. Come to practice well hydrated as you will be sweating out a lot of water. Continue to hydrate throughout.

When should I avoid hot yoga?

If you have concerns or injuries we recommend consulting with your doctor prior to attending class. Hot yoga is contradicted in the following situations:
  • If you are pregnant, it is not recommended to increase your body’s core temperature. We would be happy to refer you to an amazing prenatal program!
  • If your doctor has advised you to avoid cardiovascular activity
  • Children under the age of 14 are not recommended to practice hot yoga as their sweat glands are still developing. Be sure to inquire about our amazing kids yoga program.

Is it ok that I am not flexible?

It’s a common myth that you need to be flexible to do yoga. Our studio provides a welcoming, non-competitive environment with nurturing teachers to allow you to gain flexibility over time and feel the many other benefits yoga has to offer. Our all-level classes will provide you with appropriate modifications or advancements, to achieve your own personal-best. If you are not flexible, yoga is exactly what you need!