Karma Dream Team

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Karma Dream Team

Libby Clark Profile Image

Libby Clark


Karma Creator, Writer, Spirit Junkie, Back-Bender, Undercover Foot Masseuse.

Fave Class to Teach: Karma Hot Flow/Yang-Yin.

Lacie Wournell Profile Image

Lacie Wournell


Karma Creator, Mediation Guru and Mama of Two Sweet Hippy Kids.

Fave Class to Teach: Looking Forward to Teacher Training.

Chris Rurka Profile Image

Chris Rurka

The Original Dark Warrior, Butt-Kicker Connoisseur and Lover of the Endless Wheel.

Fave Class to Teach: Karma Hot Flow.

Kate Love Profile Image

Kate Love

She Shines, Ambassador of all things perfect, this girl is everyone’s best gal pal.

Fave Class to Teach: Rise and Shine Flow.

Paolo Rigoni Profile Image

Paolo Rigoni

Musical Magician, Nidra Professional, Kids Yoga is his absolute fave!!

Fave Class to Teach: Yin Yoga/ Kids Yoga.

Jackie Dumaine Profile Image

Jackie Dumaine

Former marketing exec turned yoga philosophy geek, inspirational life coach with a serious passion for croissants.

Fave Class to Teach: Karma Hot Flow.

Amber Hartnett Profile Image

Amber Hartnett

Seeker of the light, best hug-giver, meditation guru, have you met her dog-child Izzy?

Fave Class to Teach: Karma Hot Flow.

Kate V Vincent Profile Image

Kate V Vincent

Experienced living room dancer, gifted cat cuddler, eternal yoga student and lover of all things authentic, raw and true.

Fave Class to Teach: Karma Hot Flow, Yang/Yin.

Nicole Heggie Profile Image

Nicole Heggie

Yoga fanatic, kinesiologist and fitness babe, dictionary for all things anatomical, this fit friend can't wait to meet you on your mat.

Fave Class to Teach: Karma 101.

Kelly Cameron Profile Image

Kelly Cameron

Believer that yoga is freedom, morning meditator, world traveller and adventure seeker, this girl lives and breathes the path of yoga.

Fave Class to Teach: Karma Flow.

Nicole Horvath Profile Image

Nicole Horvath

Fire rocket, this girls got a thing for sunshine, we're not sure how she always kicks our butts so hard! Ask her about her homemade healthy energy bars...

Fave Class to Teach: Karma Hot Flow.

Liane Knox Profile Image

Liane Knox

Yin yoga guru, restorative junkie, georgia peach, yoga dictionary and everyones best friend.

Fave Class to Teach: Warm Hips and Shoulders.

Ashley Brady Profile Image

Ashley Brady

Lover of body sculpting power flow and yin yoga, this mama to two little ninjas is an adventurista and master of great yoga sequencing!

Fave Class to Teach: Yin Yoga and Powerflow.

Brooke Meadows Profile Image

Brooke Meadows

Master of all things beautiful and artistic, she's the mama to two sweet little guys and lover of yoga philosophy. Ask her all of your yoga questions, she's got you covered!

Fave Class to Teach: Karma 101 and Karma Flow.

Laura Aitken Profile Image

Laura Aitken

World traveller, food enthusiast and hiker extrodinaire, this little snap rocket adores sharing her passion for the culture of yoga. Find her class and experience her vibrancy today!

Fave Class to Teach: Karma Flow.

Jennifer Rurka Profile Image

Jennifer Rurka

The Breath junkie, believer in being where your feet are, yoga goddess and mama to two doggy fur balls. Take her class and you'll be forever changed.

Fave class to teach: Karma Flow.

Karma Staff Team

Do you love free yoga, building community, putting service into your life and being around like minded people? Join our Karma Team and become part of the family! For more information email Libby at info@karmayogacalgary.com

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